What is the myPutt?

The myPutt is a portable, putting target with the unique ability to be anchored with a golf tee to the putting surface. The myPutt benefits the warm up of golfers before a round of golf and is an excellent golf training aid for everyday practice. The unique feature of this target is in its ability to be anchored to putting green. Simply stick a tee through the center of the target and affix it temporarily to the putting surface. Players can literally customize their practice to putt anywhere on the putting green that they feel will benefit their scoring and, therefore, add quality to their practice time.

Is this for junior golfers?

This device is for all golfers of all playability levels. However, the concept was conceived out of the lack of practice holes on the practice green available before college and high school players' matches. This made for insufficient warm up and typically a lack of focus on the players part, due to distraction of other golfers warming up and putting to the same hole.

How much does it weigh?

The myPutt was designed to be lightweight so that while tournament players are playing their practice rounds they can practice to the next day's pin position. Therefore, the device is designed to be carried in the players pocket or in the golf bag, while weighing a little more than half the weight of a single golf ball. Pretty light weight!!!

Why is the myPutt so much smaller than the hole?

We like to say the myPutt is "The True Target" for a reason. Most golfers perceive that if any portion of the ball passes over the hole that the ball should fall to the bottom of the cup. The "Truth" is that at least half of the ball needs to be within the perimeter of the hole for ball to have an opportunity of falling into the cup. So, the size of the myPutt is a more realistic view of a projectile and a target, meaning that if any portion of the ball would touch the myPutt it would have an opportunity of falling in the cup. Any way you look at it, the myPutt helps narrow your focus on a more specific target and that is a good thing for your scoring.

Why are there arrows on the top side of the myPutt?

This is an excellent question! The arrows are designed to help narrow the players focus on the center of the target. During the research and development of the myPutt golf training aid, we found that tour players especially liked to have an exact point at which to aim. The arrow is effective for aligning short straight putts at the center of the target, and especially helpful on breaking putts. While practicing breaking putts, point the arrow in the direction the putt will be breaking into the cup off of the slope. The arrows help narrow the focus and visualization of the "True" center of target.

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