why myputt

The myPutt training aid simply works. The innovative design allows it to be used by golfers of all playability levels. Through our research and development and twenty different prototypes, the myPutt is ready to help lower your score. Many other targets which have been widely used actually serve as a false sense of confidence, because they are either too large or too small for effective practice. The myPutt is lightweight and portable making it easy to practice anywhere. Players and teachers both agree it is a superior target and love the benefit of fast and easy setup for putting stations. The high visibility white allows for effective lag putting, chipping and pitching from off the putting surface. Tournament players have been excited about the use of the myPutt on the course to help prepare during practice rounds. Golfers agree that the myPutt is the “new essential” for lower scoring

vision training

The myPutt is an excellent vision enhancement tool for alignment and focus. Research shows that white is the most contrasting color available on a putting green. Research also shows that black is the most contrasting color available on white. Training... READ MORE

True target

Missed or lipped out putts are by far the most regretful shots in golf. The myPutt helps eliminate those regrets by teaching players how to visualize on the center of the hole. Over half of the ball must be inside... READ MORE

putt anywhere

The myPutt trains your eyes and narrows your focus and at the same time gives you the freedom to practice almost anywhere. The innovative design of the myPutt is that the target can be anchored with a tee or the... READ MORE

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